What Is Wedding Registry And Why It Is Helpful

What Is Wedding Registry And Why It Is Helpful?

What Is Wedding Registry?

Wedding Registry or Gift Registry is a service provided by online retailers and many local stores to the couple who is getting married in coming few months. In this service, the couple can create a list of items which they want in their wedding from the guest and name the list as their Wedding Registry. The couple can create a single registry by mutual discussion or can have a separate bridal or groom registry too.

A wedding registry is the best way to let your guests know what you basically need. It can be anything from a cookware to a mixer or funds to pay your honeymoon trip etc.

Wedding registry not only fulfills your requirements but also helps the guest to choose a gift for yourself which you want. This service also avoids duplication of the same gifts which is good for the couple if they have added some essential items in their list.

What Is Wedding Registry And Why It Is Helpful

Why Is It Helpful?

Wedding Registry is very helpful as you create this with an agenda. You are clear what you want from your guest and how you want to use them.

Examples Of Various Wedding Registry list –

List 1 – Suppose, you are a young couple who wants to buy the home of your dream, in this case, you can add only cash amount in your registry and can collect funds to make down payment of your dream home.

List 2 – You have bought a new house and want to do an interior. In this case, you can choose the items for your living room, choose bedroom from Amazon to put it on your wedding registry list.

List 3 – Ok, you already have a good settle house but can’t afford to go abroad trips. In this case, you can add a travel package to your registry and collect the funds for your trips.

There are many more things which you can include in your registry and have a happy wedding.

So, never forget to create a wedding registry for yourself as well as your friends!

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