9 Things You Should Consider While Preparing Wedding Registry Card

And there you go! All set to start a new life with the prince charming of your dreams. Excited? Yeah! You are! And definitely, you should be! But hang one! Are you actually ready?

Well, No! Not without having a wedding registry prepared. Isn’t it mandatory that you prepare the list of all stuff you ever dream of in your new home? After all, marriage happens only once in the lifetime and you won’t let go of this opportunity to make it the most beautiful, memorable and perfect time of your life.

Before discussing it, we must ask an obvious question and that is why do we even need Wedding Registry Cards?


Why are Wedding Registry Cards important?

A wedding registry card allows you to create a much-needed blueprint which actually guides your family, relatives, and friends about what you would love to have in your new home. It allows your guests to pick from a selection of top wedding registry items that are selected by you.

A registry takes the guesswork out of the task, giving your loved ones confidence that they are gifting you something that you actually need and that you will use in future. It also keeps tabs on which wedding items have already been purchased so that you can avoid any hassle and enjoy your marriage with peace.

So here we are with a set of tips that you can follow to prepare the best-organized wedding registry cards. Just go through all the below-mentioned ideas to make an innovative and beautiful wedding registry card.

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Don’t forget to mention several price ranges items – To avoid your friends, relatives, and family from getting embarrassed because of high price tags, make sure you don’t forget to mention items with a wide range of prices so that your relatives and friends can gift you the must haves without any trouble.

Involve your soon-to-be hubby – Even if your better half is not an expert at selecting items don’t forget to involve him in the process of preparing the wedding registry cards. Also, include some men and women both products to enjoy the whole experience equally and also to add little personal touch to it.

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Do check the return policies of your registry items – Having a registry means you’ll be getting items that you would want in your home. But if at some point in time you change your mind and decide to get your item exchanged or returned. Make sure you go through the return policies carefully.

Don’t forget to register at several stores – Select some online and offline options both so that you can provide your guests with easy options. Don’t make them feel restricted to the certain number of options.

Set it up early – Do your research and get your wedding registry cards prepared early to avoid your guests from scrambling and beating about bushes to get your gift at the last minute.

Choose items which will last for a long time – It is definitely wise to invest in stuff which lasts long and reduce your daily tension about few kinds of stuff.

Go for items that match your lifestyle – It is very necessary that you wisely decide what you actually need and what not. Include items that you will be using in future.

Include products for both of you – it’s very important that you include products which will be used by both of you to avoid any dispute later on.

Include electronics items – Do include electronics items containing guarantee or warranty on your list.

I hope you liked these tips regarding preparing your wedding registry cards. Do include these tips to avoid any hassle while preparing your wedding registry cards.

Thank You.  And stay tuned in for more updates with us.

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