9 Best Wedding Registry Items To Add If You Are A Fitness Freak

9 Best Wedding Registry Items To Add If You Are A Fitness Freak

Today everyone wants to keep them fit and fine. Keeping fit doesn’t mean only the outside look of your body but also include the inner portion of your body.

To keep the body fit, many people work out a lot. They spend hours and hours in the gym doing cardio, cycling, bodybuilding etc. There are few who don’t like to go to the gym but to keep themselves fit, go for morning walk, running and yoga. No matter which type of exercise you do, but if you do consistently and stick loyal to your exercise, you will get good results.

In today’s era, there is hardly anyone who doesn’t go to gym or morning walk and yoga. Now to keep up with the pace and the challenging environment and to look, perfect everyone, does something. People working in a corporate sector and entertainment industry give first preference to their health and look and they are the one who never misses their gym and walk.

If you are the one who is known as a fit guy or girl in your group and getting married soon, so you should check the below fitness items for your wedding registry.

Have A Look At 9 Best Wedding Registry Items To Add If You Are A Fitness Freak Here.

If you are a fitness freak that means you must follow one of the activity either going to the gym or doing yoga. The gym is basically for those who want to stay fit always and want to see instant results in terms of physical appearance. Yoga is for those who just want to feel relaxed and need meditation for the day to feel good and create a positiveness within them.

9 Best Wedding Registry Items To Add If You Are A Fitness Freak

If you go to the gym every day so you should try to add few items from the below list in your wedding registry.

Have A Look At Wedding Registry Items If You Are A Gym Person –

1. A Gym Kit

A total gym kit comes with all equipment like weight plates, gloves, hand grips, skipping ropes and dumbbell rods. It contains mostly all the essential accessories which you use in the gym so if you miss your gym for a day or two, you can exercise with this at home or at whatever place you are in.

A Total Gym Kit For Fitness Freak

By using skipping ropes and dumbbell, you can easily cover few exercise parts of your daily gym routine.

2. A Gym Bag

A gym Bag For Fitness Freak Guy For wedding Registry

It’s a good idea to buy a separate bag for the gym. If you have a separate bag, you don’t need to keep and remove things every day except your towel and socks as after you finish your exercise, those smell very bad because of swat you get. Rest all the equipment, you don’t have to remove and they search every day.

3. Gym Clothes

While you exercise, you should be in your comfort zone.To be comfortable, you should buy good material easy to wear gym clothes for you. Always go for a tee and pants with nylon material as it absorbs sweat and keeps you cool all the time during the exercise. It’s a good idea to buy two or three pairs of nice gym clothes so that you can wash them every day and keep yourself free from jumps and bacteria.

4. A Shaker Bottle

Shaker Bottle For wedding Registry

When you exercise, you tend to feel thirsty and drink water and juice after few hours or few minutes. You should carry a shaker bottle in the gym and before drinking your juice, shake them well.

If you are not a gym person but keep yourself fit and perfect by exercising at home, in this case, you can try types of equipment. These equipment are easy to purchase and doesn’t make a hole in anybody’s pocket as these are cheap if you compare them with other gym equipment.

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5. A Tummy Twister

A tummy twister is the best tool to use at home and keep your tummy flat without going to the gym. A tummy twister is very reasonable and doesn’t require much space to keep at home. You can do any kind of exercise with this tummy twister at home only.

6. A Skipping Rop

If you keep yourself fit by doing skipping, so you must add a good quality skipping ropes in your wedding registry. You can ask for a set of four or five branded skipping ropes from your guest and exercise with them at home.

7. A Smart Band Heart Rate Monitor

A Smart Band Heart Rate Monitor

Walking is also a good form of exercise for many people.One can keep himself or herself fit by walking every day in the morning or evening for one or two hours. But while walking, you should keep track of your heart rate and for this, you should buy a branded smart band heart rate monitor. While walking you should wear this band and keep a check on your heart rate every time.

Few people like to keep their mind fresh by doing meditation and they feel this is one of the best ways to keep their body and mind fit. Meditation or one can say Yoga is considered as the best exercise to relax and be healthy.

8. A Yoga CD/DVD

You can go for yoga in yoga classes or if you don’t have time for the class, you can learn at home by watching videos. It’s better to buy a yoga cd and watch them anytime you want.You can first try simple yoga exercises and they move to another chapter.

9. A Yoga Mat

To do yoga, you have to buy a yoga mat and make sure that mat is made up of some thin material which keeps you comfortable while seating on it.

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