7 Best Wedding Registry Ideas For A Corporate Guy

7 Best Wedding Registry Ideas For A Corporate Guy

The corporate sector is one of the major employment sectors where you could find all the highly educated people holding B.E., M.B.A., and Doctorate degrees. Most of them have finished their schooling from the top business school. No doubt, they get a huge amount every month as a salary.

It is a fact that you change few things in your habits after joining a corporate company. You forget all your naughtiness and become a mature and responsible person. You look at things with a vision in mind. You try to achieve all goals set by you and your senior officials. Apart from job, you improve things in your personal life too.

With increasing salary, you buy a house for yourself, a car to go to the office and many more things. Once all done, you decide to marry with your ladylove or a nice girl chosen by your family.

7 Best Wedding Registry Ideas For A Corporate Guy

If you are one of those corporate guys who has chosen a right girl for yourself who is going to help you in managing your house as hers and never let you feel down in life, that means your wedding is on the cards. This time, you must sit together and decide your wedding registry ideas

If you are the planning to get married as soon as possible and want your guest to give you gifts which you can use in your daily routine in the office, so you should give a look to below items.

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A Wallet

The wallet is something you have to carry every day with you in the office as you have to keep your credit cards and cash somewhere. The wallet is not only to keep the money but it also comes to rescue when you have to carry your ID cards every day.

When you are going out with someone for an official meeting or a casual meeting, you always carry your wallet with you to pay the bills of whatever you spend. When you get your wallet out from your pocket, definitely the next person looks at your wallet. He or she might judge you on the basis of wallet you carry along with you.

To maintain a good image of yourself in front of others make sure you always have a good wallet with you. You can buy a branded leather wallet or can ask your guest via your wedding registry list.

A Set of Tie

Being a corporate employee, you have to dress up nicely every day. You have to look presentable all the time and this is not applicable to women only but also applicable to the men. You have to be in perfect clothes all the time.

As most of the employees in the corporate sector wear suits and a suit are incomplete without a tie. So if you are a corporate guy, you can ask for a set of ties from your guest. Adding a set of the tie in the list is a good wedding registry idea for a corporate guy.

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A Set of Broaches

A guy with suite and tie looks more attractive when he adds a broach to his attire. The broach is something which many guys don’t like to wear but few are there who loves to wear stylish broaches every day. A broach with a good design attracts people towards you.

If you work in a corporate and wear blazer almost 4 times in a week so it’s a good idea to make your outfit look more stylish with a broach. If you have decided which types of broaches you want to add to your attire and your wedding is on the card, so you should add them to your wedding registry list to avoid unnecessary expenses.

A Laptop Bag

We all know, nowadays almost 90% of corporate employees carry a laptop with them every time. Whenever they are going out for some official work or for a business trip, they never forget to carry their laptops with them.

It’s a good idea to add a laptop bag in wedding registry as it is not much pricy and anyone from your guest list can gift you without thinking twice.

A laptop bag is a good option to add as it saves your laptop always from any damages while travelling in train or flights.

A Watch

A well educated corporate guy understands the value of time and always wears a watch to avoid the loss of time. As they say, Time is Money and he is the one who is into making money all the time. Adding a watch of your choice in wedding registry is good as you will use this every day.

When you wear a watch, you don’t see on your phone during the meetings, you simply see your watch and decide what to do next hour.

A Good Set of Pen

Of course, a pen is the one important thing which you will find with every corporate guy. To sign major agreements and contracts, he needs a good quality pen. He keeps one pen always in his blazer pocket. He doesn’t keep an ordinary pen; he buys the best brand pen for himself. If you getting married soon so it’s a good time to add a set of branded pens in your wedding registry.

Apart from the above 6 best wedding registry ideas for a corporate guy, you can add little casual stuff in the registry like sunglasses and perfumes of your choice. These are also important things which you need on daily basis and can save a money on them.

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