5 Things Every Bride Should Add in Her Honeymoon Registry List

5 Things Every Bride Should Add in Her Honeymoon Registry List

he wedding is one of the most memorable events in every girl’s life. For the wedding, a girl starts her preparation from 2 to 3 months in advance. From sandals to gown, she wants everything perfect and most stylish for the day. Not only for her but also for her bridesmaid, she checks everything personally in her wedding registry too or rich ones hire best wedding planners and designers in very much advance to avoid last minute confusion in the wedding ceremony.

Apart from wedding, they also plan their honeymoon with their partners. Where to go, how to book and what to carry if going to the location first time. All the things they decide together. But few things she likes to keep as a surprise for the hubby. And of course one of them is the dress what she decides to wear during the nights and during their outings. She likes to dress up attractive every time so that the better half give her full attention.

5 Things Every Bride Should Add in Her Honeymoon Registry List

If you are the one going to be bride and have decided your location of the honeymoon so now is the time to check for things which you want to add to your list, Check what you should add to your honeymoon list. Few of them you have to buy personally and few you can ask your guests via your wedding registry.

Have A Look At 5 Things Every Bride Should Add in Her Honeymoon Registry List Here –

1. A Set of Sexy Lingeries

Lingerie is the one thing which you have to choose very carefully and alone. You can take your girl pals to get few ideas but not your hubby. Because it’s a surprise for him. Take a look at your body in the mirror and choose the best fit for yourself. Go for a branded ones as this will give you the best designs and colours.

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2. A Set Of Perfumes

When you go near to someone make sure you smell good because a bad body odour immediately puts the second person’s mood off. This is your honeymoon, you can’t afford to happen this.

You should always smell like a queen to get your hubby close to you. A good perfume will definitely do wonders in this case. Carry a set of branded perfumes with different flavours and make the day amazing with your smell.

You can ask for a good range of perfume kit from a good brand from your guest via your wedding registry.

3. A Set of Makeup Box.

From lipstick to nail paint, it is always better to carry your make box when you go for out. You never know when you have to do a touch up on your face.

If you are going to a very cold place you have to make sure that you carry a moisturizer and a lipgloss all the time in your purse to keep you away from the itchy skin and white patches. If you are going to a place which is hot or near to a beach area doesn’t forget to carry a sunscreen or a suntan protection cream.

A makeup kit and sunscreen kit you can add to your wedding registry list and save your money.

4. A Good Handbag

When you go out, you carry makeup box and phone and a mini purse. It becomes difficult to carry all while keeping hands in hands of your partner. To avoid this situation it’s better you get a sling bag for yourself and make your hands free.

5. A Large Set of Good Innerwear.

You need to carry a large no. of innerwear as during your holiday you tend to change clothes every time and it’s not necessary that your one innerwear go great with all the dresses. So don’t forget to buy a large no of different colours and different designs of innerwear to keep you look good with or without the dress.

Apart from this, there are so many things you have to carry during your honeymoon like sandals, shoes, watch and towels etc. So check everything and have a great memorable honeymoon ladies.

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