Website Where You Can Do Your Wedding Registry For Free

5 Best Website Where You Can Do Your Wedding Registry For Free

Since past few years, online retailers have become very active in Wedding Registry. And why not, they are very much benefited from this service. This service not only gives online retailers advantage over local shops but also helps the couple save their time and explore thousands of items online sitting at home.

Couples can see the reviews, compare the products with 10 other items and then put them on their wedding registry list. Not only this, at online shops, they get to see best wedding registry items and get an idea what they should add.

Website Where You Can Do Your Wedding Registry For Free

So here we have selected five best online retailers where you can do your wedding registry for a free and easy way.


Amazon has a very wide range of products. From $10 to $1000, you will get everything that you need for your wedding registry. Amazon has a special page for most popular wedding gift items too. One can go to that page and select whatever items they want to put on the list. From kitchen essentials to Amazon gift vouchers, you can select whatever you want. Amazon’s worldwide shipping and a huge list of sellers keep Amazon on top of Wedding Registry list. Make sure you add items from Amazon Prime Account to get free returns.

Bed, Bath and Beyond

Bed, Bath and Beyond are one of the most famous wedding registry websites across the world. As the name sounds, where one can get all house essentials starting from bathrobe to pillows to linen etc. This website has a huge collection of similar items from various big brands which make easy for people to decide. You can add a set of items from the same brand in your registry here and have a huge designer collection at home.


Zola is an online wedding registry which allows guest to create a personalized registry with photos, custom URL links for the guest etc. Zola has a collection of more than 8000 products ranging from traditional to trendy and also allows users to opt for cash in terms of a gift from the guest. Apart from housewares and cash, couples can register a tour or their honeymoon at too.

Best Buy

Best Buy is the perfect place for gadget lovers. You can do wedding registry here if you want the best electronic items as a gift for your guests. Best Buy has a huge collection of latest gadgets and household electronics. They also give an option of group gifting where guests can contribute any amount they want towards the gift you want.


If you want to make your new home look stylish but with reasonable and affordable gift items, so you must head to Kohl’s. Here you will get a wide range of home accessories at an affordable price which your guest will love too. Apart from affordable, kohl’s offer free shipping and extended return to their guest.

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