Wedding Gift Ideas Between $20-$50

4 Must-Have Wedding Registry Ideas Within $20-$50

One of the most important parts of a wedding is to prepare for its registry. It shares equal importance like any other task in the wedding. Since, you will be getting various gifts on your wedding day from your guests, family, and friends. But, if these gifts are not of your use, then there’s no need to fill your home with these kinds of stuff.

In that case, it’s better to add those items to your wedding registry that you need in future. Following are a few wedding registry ideas that let your guest spend no more than $50.

Wedding Gift Ideas Between $20-$50

So, you can ask your guest for more than two gifts on your wedding day. Let’s have a look at these items.

Have A Look At 4 Must-Have Wedding Registry Ideas Within $20-$50 Here.

A Crock Pot For Your Kitchen

Crock Pot For Wedding Registry

A Crock Pot is one of those usual wedding registry items that cost only $50. If you are planning for your wedding registry on the basis of your household needs, then a crock pot will be your first option to add to the list. This kitchen essential will become your lifesaver on those lazy nights when you both come home from a busy schedule at the office.

An Elegant Server Bowl For Your Kitchen

A meal served in a proper way is enough to take whole day stress in minutes. Thus, this serving bowl from Pottery Barn will fulfill these purposes quite easily. Add this item to your wedding registry to win some extra plus points from your in-laws. This elegant piece costs only $40, so it will be quite an affordable option for your guest to gift you on your wedding day.

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A Sensor Pump For Your Bathroom

Sensor Pump For Bathroom- Wedding Registry Items

If you and your life partner work for a 9 to 5 hours job, then you must have to deal with a busy and hectic routine. So, a little fun with technology can bring some easiness to your daily routine. In this concern, a sensor soap pump is a perfect pickup for your wedding registry list. This easy to refill soap pump is made available only at $40. So, ask your guests to gift this soap pump as your wedding gift.

Egyptian Bath Towels

Egyptian Bath Towels - Wedding Registry Items Between $20-$50 Range

Bath towel is one among most popular wedding registry items. Mostly couple adds this item to their wedding registry. This Egyptian bath towel cotton bath towels become couple’s first choice because of its soft fabric. So, without having a second though add bath towels to your wedding registry to have clean towels to display in your bathroom. This wedding registry item cost only $30.

These are few wedding registry ideas with a range of $20 -$50. We hope these ideas will help you to craft a unique wedding registry for you. Add these items to your wish list and see how many gifts you receive on your wedding day and don’t forget to share your experience with us. Your views are always welcomed for further improvement.

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