4 Items Your Man Will Force You To Add In Wedding Registry

4 Items Your Man Will Force You To Add In Wedding Registry

A wedding registry is an important element of any wedding. In wedding registry both the bride and the groom, choose what they want from their guests. From kitchen to the hall, from travel to retirement, they think for each item carefully add them to the registry list.

Many times few things come across which a bride wants to put but the groom refuses or vice versa. You can see a girl sacrificing few times but not the man. In fact, in few places, you will see a guy putting the highest no. of things in the registry. Its very rare but it happens during weddings.

4 Items Your Man Will Force You To Add In Wedding Registry

Sometimes he decides not to add anything and sometimes he is the one who put all the unnecessary items. In this position, a girl has to think intelligently and try to handle the whole situation calmly. She needs to talk to her partner regarding usable things and convince him to add those only.

No matter what you do, few men add the things they like. To add few things, your man will force you and you can’t avoid them so you have to be ready in advance.

Have A Look At 4 Items Your Man Will Force You To Add In Wedding Registry.

1. A Perfume

No matter how many types of perfume he has in his cupboard, he will force you to add a new one to the list. Many guys and girls just hate bad body odor, in fact, the body odor puts their mood off sometimes. If your guy is one who can’t tolerate the body odor that means he also uses perfume a lot to avoid the same situation with others. It’s a good thing that your guy cares about his body and always try to be a perfect gentleman. He will force you to add a set of perfume in the registry. It’s better you check a list of the good range of perfumes and suggest him while making the registry.

2. A Gadget

Nowadays almost 90 out of 100 guys are gadget freak. They love to explore new gadgets every second day. From mobile to pc and laptop, they love to put their hands on every gadget. If your partner is a gadget freak so he will push you to add the latest gadgets in the wedding registry. In this area, you have to be extra smart and decide what you both need and put those gadgets only. Putting a gadget which you both will need can solve your issues too.

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3. A Wallet

Like women have the love for new purses, guys also like to carry a branded wallet with them all the time. If your guy is a corporate guy and goes to the office is suit or blazer, so wallet is the first thing he will put in the registry. A wallet is a good option to add and keeping multiple wallets never harms anyone. So don’t argue on this and silently add his favorite wallet in the list.

4. A Watch

A watch is a must for the man who is working hard and continuously busy with the work. A watch is good for him as it saves him from the distraction on the phone. With the watch, he avoids opening the phone and see the time on the watch itself.

Apart from the above four items, there are many more things which a guy will force you to add in the registry. Be a vice woman and handle the situation cleverly.

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